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I have been home cooking since the age of 7, and just love it. I look at recipes occasionally, and use them for guidelines in my cooking. Sometimes I even follow them. I have racks of cookbooks and look on line often enough as well. I don’t always cook “healthy” since I go by the 90:10 rule. I eat healthy 90% of the time and 10% I eat as I please, especially around the holidays. I have a decadent pumpkin pie recipe that people just love.

I will add recipes to this section gradually. Enjoy.

Here are 50 Healthy 10 Minute Meals from Stonesoup, whose mantra is “Healthy Meals Made Easy.” Start home cooking if you don’t already.

Sweet potatoes cropMashed Sweet Potatoes


pumpkin pie cropDelicious Pumpkin Pie & Crust



Turkey veg rice curry casserole more more cropTurkey, Vegetable and Rice Casserole



bluberry cakesBanana Blueberry Pancakes (gluten free)



Veg Pizza_cropVeggie Hummus Pizza from Danielle Conklin



Tabouli (gluten free)