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Individuals need to feel that a wellness program fits with their personal goals and beliefs. We need to be motivated to set personal goals and benchmarks.

Motivation is a personal matter. Telling a person that s/he needs to reduce their weight by 50 pounds—which they probably already know—doesn’t work.

So what motivates lifestyle changes?



I want to fit into my jeans and most of the clothes that are hanging in my closet.

I want to have more energy for my family such as playing with my children or grandchildren.

I want to wake up refreshed every morning instead of tired and muddling my way through the day.

I want the energy and confidence to write the book that I am burning with passion to share with the world, that I don’t have the time to write today.

I want to have more money so I can visit Antarctica, something I’ve dreamed of for years.

My doctor tells me I have to make healthy lifestyle changes or else…

Even at the start, when individuals have just replaced a bad habit with a good one, they feel better right away, both physically and emotionally since they’re taking care of themselves and feel good about it.

What activities would interest you the most?

What will motivate you individually? As a team? As a group?

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