How to Deal With Stress

A key goal at Naylor Wellness is to show our clients how to deal with stress and regain joy, energy and direction in their lives.

The stress we carry is responsible for many of our health problems. It can muddle our minds and cause us to lose our tempers. Stress is my constant companion to manage. Just when I feel like I have a handle on stress in my life, and a new form of stress comes along like high blood pressure spikes from my elderly Mom or technical stress like a software upgrade or yet another new social media network outside of Facebook, Twitter, Linked In or Google+.

Can you relate to this?

Stress seems to spill over to just about every part of our lives. Let us help you learn how to deal with stress, and to realize that you have choices about many more aspects of your life than you realize.

Naylor Wellness will show you how to deal with stress by:

  • Introducing dietary changes to combat excess weight and food allergies
  • Getting more sleep and falling into a regular sleep routine
  • Improving your important relationships, included with yourself
  • Dealing with workplace stress such as working for a difficult boss
  • Managing those overwhelmed feelings
  • Dealing with stress caused by the continuing inundation of new technology

 Contact Ellen Naylor now to learn how I can help you reduce stress in your life. Read our Coach Stressbuster blog for more tips on how to deal with stress.