You have more lifestyle choices than you realize. Let Naylor Wellness help you make these lifestyle changes through healthy living, chronic disease prevention and even reversal. We will work with you where you need us whether it’s to design and implement a corporate wellness program; put together a group health coaching program; provide individual coaching; or bring in any of our team of health experts such as massage therapists, fitness instructors, yoga instructors, or nurses. If we can’t help you, we will refer you to the right resource in our large, virtual network of health experts in Colorado.

We also have a lot of fun in the process. We show people cooking healthy is not a time consuming task, and really tastes good. There is nothing like a kitchen demo and tasting to realize the benefits and fun of home cooking.

Stress seems to be rampant in corporate America today. We show people how to de-stress right in the midst of the busy work day. We find that letting people vent about their stress somehow helps them manage it better, such as around a difficult boss or co-worker, not to mention work load and techno-stress balancing digital connection and actually getting work done!

We also consider environmental health when putting wellness programs together. Employees work a whole lot better in a clean, ergonomic office space with appropriate break time during the day.

  • Industrial employees need proper protective gear, dust management, odor management and proper safety procedures.
  • White collar workers need clean circulating air, as well as a comfortable, ergonomic workspace.

Check out our One-on-One Health Coaching service, a series of confidential counseling sessions for those who need individual attention and personalized accountability to achieve their health goals.

Check out our Group Health Coaching service, which can be part of a Corporate Wellness Program, or not.

Check out our Corporate Wellness Best Practices. Our corporate wellness programs are tailored to your company’s culture, and we make it fun for your employees.