Group Health Coaching

Are you tired of feeling alone in your weight loss Journey?

Struggling with food allergies and belly bloating?

Overwhelmed by stress at work?

In a difficult relationship?

It’s been proven that having the support of peers when tackling a challenge and making a change like losing weight or managing stress can make a huge difference in your overall ability to reach success.

groupcoachingWhat is Group Health Coaching? You join a supportive environment of like-minded people—who like you—have similar health goals and understand what you are going through. You will meet once or twice a month and work with your group towards reaching your goals.

Logistics? Group health coaching can be done by teleconference or in person. At the outset, we establish a schedule that works for everyone! Group coaching can range from 4 to 15 people. Session length will be decided based on the size of the group, but tends to be 90 minutes. If twice a month, it’s a 6 month program. If monthly, the group meets for a year. You decide.

Group Health Coaching in Corporate Wellness? Group health coaching is a great venue for those who want to take action around a certain area in their life, such as weight loss. While Lunch and Learns are a great learning opportunity; however, there is little accountability in that venue.

Accountability & Connection? You meet others you would never have met through group coaching, whether a co-worker in another department at work or individuals you meet through our group health sessions that are held by teleconference or in-person outside of the work environment. We buddy people up since that increases connection and accountability.

What do you get from Group Health Coaching?

  • Accountability from the group to reach your goals
  • A support buddy to closely monitor your progress (not just me)
  • Handouts to support your goals and some Fun Stuff
  • Free access to all my Coach Stressbuster Newsletters
  • Private e-mail and/or Facebook support in between sessions
  • If desired, a private digital space to connect with Your Group

Here are some Popular Health Group Goals:

  • How to cope with your overwhelmed feelings and stress
  • How to sleep soundly and wake up refreshed every morning
  • How to prevent chronic disease and end it permanently
  • How to get rid of unwanted weight without going on a diet
  • How to promote anti-aging in middle age
  • How to manage a difficult relationship

…So…What’s Your Health Goal?

Group coaching is great for a group of friends or family that all have goals in mind, but are having a hard time achieving their goals. This group will help hold you and others accountable for your health!

If you would like to know more about our group coaching programs, please contact us.