Corporate Wellness Best Practices

Engage Top Level Managers. They aren’t just paying for the program. They should lead by example and walk the talk.

Engage Mid-level Managers and Supervisors who in turn engage their direct reports. Sometimes line workers are the best wellness champions.

Build a Wellness Support Infrastructure. The wellness support team needs to be enthusiastic, have a positive attitude towards wellness, and be willing to share. Recruit a group with diverse skills who can build physical, nutritional, fitness, emotional, workplace and financial wellness among employees.

Identify Employees’ Needs. Some common ways to learn more are: employee needs and interest survey, health risk assessment, biometric screening data, organizational cultural audit, and workplace environmental scan.

Make Your Program Goals Be SMART Goals: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, time specific.

Create Programming that Is Personalized to each participant and their families, Yet Comprehensive in scope.

Provide Clear and Continuous Communication. Use several types of communication and consider how best to reach your employees: Lunch and Learn, Facebook, the company Intranet, Email, personal or group coaching.

Build Incentives that Put Employee’s Skin into It. Align incentives with real outcomes that can be measured, rather than just participation in the wellness program, which doesn’t encourage employees to keep up the improved lifestyle changes they’ve just implemented.

Make Wellness FUN! Figure out what will be fun for your employees among the various ways to promote fitness and better nutrition. Health promotion is both an art and a science. Be guided, but not governed by science. Human beings are social animals: Create nutrition challenges, recipe contests: Have fitness contests or team play.

Evaluate the Wellness Program and Make Adjustments. Less than 40% of wellness programs conduct program evaluation. Stay in touch with your employees. How is this working for them?  Are participation rates climbing? Are you getting results? How could it be better next year?

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