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Spend More Time Having Fun

Many of us spend too much time stressfully doing and checking off our to-do lists of chores and business accomplishments all day long. We don’t take time for the things we love to do in our lives. I am as guilty as anyone. I now include personal time on my to-do list to fit in […]

How to Get Your Beauty Sleep

Did you know that fatigue is the second most common cause for a primary care medical visit, second only to pain? NIH estimates that one of five Americans claim to suffer from fatigue severely enough to interfere with their daily lives. From 2008-2012, sales of energy drinks grew 60% to $12.5 billion. This doesn’t include […]

Vacation: My Favorite Stressbuster 3

Welcome to the Coach Stressbuster blog. My intention is to share stories and ideas that will energize you and make you happy. I have been high strung my whole life, and as I get older I have learned to park some of my stress and anxiety. I have also learned a certain amount of stress is a good thing.

One of my favorite stressbusters is vacation. Americans get so little paid vacation compared to most other developed countries, and is one of the few developed countries that does not mandate paid vacation. No wonder Americans suffer so much from anxiety and stress. We don’t take the time to get away and relax on vacation. I can’t describe the energy I come home with after a vacation, but I feel more relaxed and creative in my work, and appreciative for my life.