About Naylor Wellness

Did you know that 75% of healthcare costs go to treat chronic disease?

Once you reach adulthood, around 80% of your health is driven by lifestyle. Thus, 2/3 of US healthcare spending is preventable if we live a different lifestyle and make different choices. Not only do lifestyle choices have the power to prevent chronic disease from coming on in the first place, but many diseases are actually reversible through proper diet, stress modification and work life balance.

Naylor Wellness helps you improve the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of your life:problems

Depending on your goals, here are some of the benefits your can expect when we work together:









Naylor Wellness will be honored to be part of your solution to improve health and wellness at your company. We focus on helping small/mid-size companies where we can have the biggest impact. We also evaluate the View More: http://dashphotography.pass.us/ellennaylorphysical environment of your office or plant in our assessment. We provide a customized wellness plan that is tailored to your company’s business goals and specific needs around wellness.

Ellen Naylor loves working with busy professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs as that has been my life for 30 years. My programs take people Back to the Basics. I have been eating healthy for my body type since the mid-1990s, and have been fit my whole life since I love the outdoors. Now I am working on ways to manage stress: mindfulness practices, family cooking, getting enough sleep and daily meditation are my key stress busters. What are yours?

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