The success of your company depends heavily on the work performance of your employees. The ability for your employees to function at a high level consistently is greatly enhanced by employee Wellness Programs. Keeping your workforce in excellent shape with preventative maintenance is a competitive advantage. Happy employees tend to be loyal to your company, so you will have lower employee turnover and recruiting costs.

Research shows that happy employees are more motivated, loyal and engaged at work. Other research indicates that happy employees have on average 31% higher productivity; 37% more sales; and are three times more creative.

A Wellness Program that is properly executed gives employees the message that while they are expected to work hard, your company cares about them and their wellbeing. Simply put, a good Wellness Program empowers your employees to take personal responsibility for their health, to change their behaviors and the course of their lives. However, a Wellness Program is only as good as its ability to meet the needs of your company’s unique employee culture and its ability to break down the barriers to employee participation.

Corporate wellness plans take time to reap the benefits. Look at it this way: you are asking your employees to adopt a new lifestyle by undoing 10, 20 or even 30 years of bad habits. According to Benefits Magazine, the goal for the first couple of years is to ramp up employee participation (25% by end of year 1, 50% end of Y2). In years 3 and 4 look for savings. Wellness Programs, when designed to educate, encourage, and reward healthy employee life style behaviors, have shown in most studies to conservatively render a 1:3 ROI within the first 3 to 5 years.

At Naylor Wellness, we help companies build sustainable corporate wellness programs that are tailored to your business goals, and to find that balance with learning what will motivate your employees to choose healthy lifestyle changes.